Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Girls Night Out // #ootd5

    Last night, I went out to celebrate a girl's belated birthday with a couple of my friends. We just got together for a quick dessert and presents, which was nice since we never have time to get together when we are all at school. The weather here is ANYTHING but winter-like. It's been warm during the day with a tiny bit of a chill at night. So I wore a long sleeve to keep me toasty, tucked into a white lace mini. I also pulled my hair into a simple three-strand side braid to keep it out of my face. Paired all that with my usual watch, long earrings and light shoes and I was good to go! I'd recommend this for any casual get-together when the weather is mild. Let me know what you think!

Night Out #ootd4


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