Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Easter cover

    I hope everyone has a great holiday and finds time to relax. Have fun with your egg hunts and all the little things that make Easter so great. If you're just going to stay home and chill, good for you! It's hard to come by days like that anymore :)

Ciao for now!

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

YAY! I have been SO excited all day to bake these gorgeous cupcakes and I'm finally doing it!! Just as I was mixing the batter, thunder boomed and it started pouring rain. I was glad to have something indoors to keep me occupied. :) Well, I got this recipe off of Yummly and I'll include a link to the recipe in the credits below. ↓

    I skipped some of the extra ingredients, I didn't want to test my luck with anything homemade so I stuck with the simple stuff. I was mostly excited to do the decorating so I decided to make the mini size so that they would cook faster.

...and in they went to the oven! It took about 15 minutes to lightly brown at the edges. 

    Then ON TO DECORATING!! It was fairly simple, you just had to cut the marshmallows and dip them in sparkles to make the ears. By the end, I must have made about 3 dozen and I am very proud of myself. 

    So... What do you think? Fab or Fail? Let me know down in the comments below if you like what you see, or if you have tried this recipe. I would love to hear your Easter cupcake experiences!

Mine vs...

The Original

Happy Baking!

Bunny cupcake photo courtesy of Yummly
Original recipe: Easy Bunny Cupcakes
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April Favorites!! // Style and Sun

    Happy Saturday! Today I am so excited to bring you another seasonal post that I have been piecing together for a while now. I am on a four day weekend and I am so happy that I finally have the time to finish a lot of half-done posts. 

    It's Easter weekend! and I love spring so this is a perfect opportunity to squeeze in some Easter cuteness. I saw these cupcakes first when I received one of my weekly emails from Yummy and I just couldn't resist! The charming little ears are a perfect tribute to this rabbit-run holiday. Although baking isn't really one of my fortés, I am determined to at least give these adorable little guys a chance. I am going to give it a try right now! 

     What would a spring favorites collection be without some nail polish? I love polish anytime of the year, but the colors that come out during these months... Mmmmm..

April Favorites Post
12. Givenchy nail polish 

    Since it is officially spring in Florida, I have been searching for ANY way to stay cool. I found that lace was a perfect cheat to wear "less" clothes, since it has all of those little holes in it, it's like there is some kind of ventilation.haha

Lace tops

5. Vero Moda black boatneck shirt

    I absolutely loooove pastel pink shoes, and I know most of these are a bit too outrageous for my style, but they were so pretty that I couldn't help myself.


9.Gianvito Rossi heels & pumps 

    Whenever I think of these lipsticks I get so excited. I am saving up to get number five on this list. The other colors are so beautiful that I can hardly resist, but due to some financial setbacks :), I have to chose.

Chanel Lips

     There are so many things that deserve to make this list, it's so hard to decide! Do you agree with my April picks? Is there anything huge that I missed? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your ideas! 


cupcake picture courtesy of Yummly

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Last Month Didn't Count...

    Time and time again, I wake up and say that "today is going to be different." I tell myself to put my mistakes and grudges behind me, but day after day, I fail to do so. Within the last month, I have mentally gone through so much that I have reached a yet another point of acceptance. I go through moments of euphoria and inspiration, which urge me to get up and move through my life. Recently, I have had trouble reaching those moments. My busy schedule and personal hardships have taken a toll on the way I treat myself and others. For instance, I have let myself forget about the things that help me meditate. Blogging is one of my favorite things to do, it relaxes me, and gets me excited about whatever I happen to be writing about. It is a way for me to vent, and this month hasn't given me more than a day to brainstorm and be creative. My absence from Urbanéss is unacceptable in my mind, it has been one thing so far that has held me grounded and sure of myself and without it, I feel incomplete. Over the past few days, I have just been running circles in my head, contemplating all of this and wondering how to end this feeling. However, I realize that my problem is that I overthink things. One of the most useful philosophies that I apply to this situation is to just "let it be" and that "it is what it is." I can't change my schedule, I can't change the way people act around me. The only thing I can change is myself, and I can embrace this emotional difficulty as a challenge to get through. I know for a fact that I am not the only person who has gone through something like this. I remind myself when I'm feeling down, to not let this become an excuse to not try my hardest. No matter what it is, the intention to do the right thing gives me the drive I need to make it through the day. Someone once told me that you have to hold yourself accountable, but never be so hard on yourself that you aren't at peace in your mind. It hasn't been all bad though, this month has also been full of interesting challenges and fun experiences. I am putting rough days behind me because today is a new day.
    I am normally not secure talking to people about things like this, but sometimes I think it's important  to step outside of your comfort zone. Especially when it means releasing burdening thoughts. I hope that  everyone who has ever felt like this has been able to get through it. If so, let me know down in the comments below!!  Looking forward to a  fun filled long weekend, and expect some happy posts!! (Don't be suprised if you find some bunnies cupcake recipes  included)

Thanks for stopping by!