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*place all ingredients in the blender in the order listed

July 14th, 2015
AH IT'S SUMMER!!! And it's super hot, so we need something to cool us off in these broiling hot temperatures. I recommend this fresh mango-based smoothie to enjoy in the hot summer sun. 

Healthy Mango Berry Smoothie
         \\2 bananas (ripe)
         \\1 mango (ripe)
         \\5 strawberries (large)
         \\1 handful blueberries
         \\6 tbsps almond milk

December 22nd, 2014
Finding a Christmas/holiday type smoothie was harder than I anticipated and I had to resort to looking at recipes online. I found one that I think encompasses all of those flavors that we all associate with the season. I hope you enjoy my twist on yummly's 

Eggnog Smoothie
        ^3 cups Almond Coconut Milk
        ^1 frozen banana
        ^1/2 tsp grated nutmeg
        ^1/2 tsp cinnamon
        ^1/2 tsp almond extract
        ^1/2 cup frozen vanilla yogurt
        ^1/4 finely crushed ice

September 29th, 2014
As we approach the official autumn season, I wanted to post a smoothie recipe that is
reminiscent of the refreshing treats we enjoyed during the warmer months.
Exotic Orange Cream
        *1/4 cup of frozen peaches
        *3/4 cup of vanilla yogurt
        *1/2 cup of papaya
        *a splash of orange juice
        *1 cup of frozen cantaloupe

Nési's Triple Berry Smoothical
        ~1 bag of frozen mixed berries
        ~1 1/2 cup of plain or vanilla yogurt (Dairy Free: 1 cup    of ice and one cup of almond milk)
        ~a splash of orange juice
        ~1/2 of a banana

"... If You Like Piña Coladas" Smoothie
        ›1 whole banana
        ›1/3 cup of coconut milk
        ›1/2 of pineapple juice
        ›3/4 cup of ice
        ›1/3 cup of shredded coconut
        ›1/4 cup of frozen strawberries
        ›1/2 cup of yogurt

"V.S.O.P." Blueberry Tart Shake
        ◊1 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries
        ◊1 cup of plain yogurt
        ◊ 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream
        ◊1/2 cup of ice
        ◊1/2 banana

*Frozen Tip! Turn any left-overs into popsicles for a delicious treat later on...

"The Chillaxer" Melon Cooler
        ^2 large water melon wedges, chopped
        ^1 large cantaloupe slice, chopped
        ^2 honeydew wedges, chopped
        ^juice of 1 small lime
        ^1/2 cup of ice
        ^1 splash of orange juice

"Time After Time" Strawberry-Banana
        }1 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries
        }1 1/2 ripe bananas
        }1 splash of orange juice
        }1 cup of plain yogurt

Pineapple Peach Prodigy
        *1 cup frozen peach slices
        *3/4 cup frozen pineapple chunks
        *1/2 cup of ice
        *3/4 cup of vanilla yogurt