Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015!! // Evolution Of The New Year Ball Drop In Times Square

  Happy New Year!! I wish prosperity and happiness to you, friends of Urbanéss. I have enjoyed blogging for the first time this year, 2014. Many thanks to the people that have been following my posts, I look forward to continuing finding inspiration to share with the world through 2015 and beyond. 


    One of my many favorite things about a New Year's celebration is watching the ball drop in New York. I have not been fortunate enough to physically be there to experience this, but I think it's just as exciting watching it on tv or on the internet. Just for fun, I have included some of the most popular New Year's Ball Drops. ↓

1st Ball Drop in 1907


    Also, thanks to my half Colombian heritage, I have been brought up with ridiculous (but interesting) superstitions that you must follow in order to have good luck in the new year. For instance, on New Year's Eve you have to wear yellow underwear, or eating twelve grapes for each month and make a wish with each one right at midnight. One of my personal favorites is that if you want to travel, you have to run around the block with some kind of luggage. 

Countdown to 1999


    Yes, I know that the color of my undergarments, lentils or any other of these cherished acts of faith isn't going to affect my fate for 2015, but it's a fun way to connect to tradition of many cultures and I'm happy to know that I'm doing the same things my family has done for as long as anyone can remember.

Ball Drop 2000


    I also love seeing the energy and and positivity* that the idea of a fresh start gives people, but my dad reminded me of something very important today: New Year's is really nothing other than a day on the calendar.... That "fresh start" and "new beginning" that people look forward to, can be found at anytime. It is up to us to take charge of the moment and make the day whatever we want it to be. 

Ball Drop 2014


     There are so many cultures that celebrate New Year's all around the world.... Do you have any unique traditions, food or things that you appreciate most about New Year's? Enjoy as we may, all of the festivities and hysteria, but let us not forget that it's really just Wednesday. :)

                                                  Feliz Año Nuevo, Bonne Année and Happy New Year!

*it is a word, I looked it up :D

Monday, December 29, 2014

What to expect in 2015


    We are almost there! As the hours tick down, I have been brainstorming about things that I want to see different with the new year.

Here I am listing some of the desired changes in the world of Urbanéss:

  1. There's going to be a feature inspired by the basic and widely-used "Outfit of the Day". My spin on it will include what to wear to different places and events. This is my way of hopefully connecting to most people's everyday fashion perplexities and provide some of my style advice and ideas. 
  2. The next feature will be a Style Watch page. My search would be unlimited ranging from high-profile royals and socialites to the girl-next-door. To gain a spotlight on my Style Watch, the only requirement is to have sparkling sense of style that inspires me and therefore, my readers.
  3. I will welcome comments on my posts. I find that feedback will be beneficial for all of us. I want to know what my readers think; your opinions would definitely help me make this a more reader-friendly and enjoyable blog to follow. I have the vision of our conversations to be respectful and hopefully enriching.

I hope everyone has a fun filled (and *safe*) New Year's Eve and Day. See you in  2015! 

Ciao for now :)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas To All, 2014

    Hi everyone! Hope you have fun opening gifts and spending time with your families and friends. I know I will. :) Enjoy the bright lights and if you're lucky, beautiful white snow.

Check out more #xmas2014 photos in my Photo Album^^. Thank you for stopping by and have a Happy Holiday!

Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Christmas Special: Winter Favorites

   It's about that time of year again and I can't even begin to express how happy I am to be on vacation and at home! 
   Here I thought I would share with you a collection of the things I love most about the winter season and most of all, Christmas!

For those days that I sleep in and just want to stay warm and comfy on my couch, I do everything from paint my nails to brew a one of a kind tea or hot cocoa. :)

While trying to kill time, I find myself redoing my nails even when they were probably fine to begin with. Anyway, one of my favorite fall/winter trends this year included the deep, almost black, oxblood nail polish. It is such a sophisticated and dreamy color, and a bonus is that it goes with almost anything!
<---I found this great bottle at Urban Outfitters
Blegh, if I had to pick my least favorite thing about cold weather, it would definitely be chapped lips. But EOS has the perfect remedy for the pain that comes with dryness.... a lip balm that stops the chap before it even starts! I love the sweet mint-->
the best because it leaves such a fresh feel and best of all, it smells like Christmas! ❄︎
Warm tea in a cozy mug...This is one of the things I do like about cold weather. My favorite tea comes from Teavana because of how fresh the tea is and simply how fun it is to make it! Another bonus to drinking tea is all of the options for mugs. Some of them are so cute and I think The Freckled Fox did the best job of putting together a collection. Check it out at "from one hot drink lover to another."
The tough thing about living in a place where it's warm most of the year is that I miss out on the use of ridiculously fuzzy blankets! I have about three, and I love them so much that I practically wear them as sweaters. :) 


 This holiday season, I encourage you to embrace your challenges with the upcoming new year and to never forget to appreciate your family and friends. Take a minute, slow yourself down, and open your mind by living in the moment and being happy.