Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Colourpop Mini Haul // Makeup Review

Colourpop Mini_Haul

1. "Aquarius" Lippie Stix 
    It is a "crème" finish and it was super creamy and soft, there was no tugging and the pigment easily came off. The formula is as great as I've heard and it smells so good! The only thing I would say is that the color is very different than I thought it would be. In the picture it looks like a nude with a pink shift, but in reality it had a lot more of a purple undertone. This difference was tiny though, and it's very pretty just the same. Definitely would recommend for any skin tone, since mine is pretty difficult to match a nude to. I have a tan/olive coloring.

2. "Aquarius" Lippie Pencil
    This is the first lip liner that I have owned since I thought they were sooooo overrated, until I tried this one. I only really got it since I'm trying to grow my makeup collection and experiment with new things. Despite the pictures, it actually matches the Lippie Stix perfectly! It glides on like butter and does not feel chalky or heavy at all. It also does a great job defining my lips, even though I'm pretty sure that all lip liners do that.haha

3. "Vanity Fair" Super Shock Eyeshadow
    Again, the picture was a bit different than the actual product. This angers me a bit, but the real thing was so pretty that I could hardly be mad for long. It was described as a silvery-taupe, but I see more of a pearlized brown. The formula is just so incredibly smooth that I slightly freaked out when I swatched it. I love the color, though it is a bit dark. It could work for a simple day look or an elegant look for going out.

4. "Birthday Boy" Special Edition Eyeshadow
    I actually did not order this product, I got it for free! The day I placed my order happened to be the brand's 2nd Birthday and everyone got this special edition shadow. I haven't used it a whole bunch, but I really like it. It's very metallic and it's funny because it almost seems like the metallic version of "Vanity Fair." They work so well together and I am looking forward to when I have some real brushes to use them with.

    I have heard so much about Colourpop and I think it's a great find for anyone! This is such a small portion of the Colourpop product line and I have yet to try them all. I have a second order coming in, so I will have some more reviews for you soon. Overall, I like the products very much and I think they were worth well over what I paid for them. Each item was only 5 DOLLARS!!! For the quality, that's just incredible. I'm already a huge fan, so stay tuned for my second order ;) Thanks for stopping by!

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