Saturday, June 11, 2016

HAHA it's SUMMER // Movie Review

    Let me tell you, time is flying by faster than possible... I cannot believe that 5 months has passed since the start of the year like this. I've always been told that time goes faster as you get older, but I didn't buy it until now. Well, it's summer now for me, and I am finally home. I could not be more excited, I have so many things I've wanted to do but I haven't had the time to! On the list is getting a summer job, getting into a workout routine, and blogging regularly. This is hopefully going to happen as I settle in, but I am also excited for the travel plans I have :). In June, I am taking a two week trip with my mom to New England and then for a week or so in July, I am going with my family to the keys. 

    Now I just went to the movies the other day with a friend, and we both fell madly in love with what we saw. You may have seen the previews for Me Before You, and it seemed a bit cliché to me, but  I could not have been more wrong. This movie captured my heart in so many ways: the costumes, characters, setting/scenery, storyline, etc. The producers and director really knew what they were doing with this. Emilia Clarke did a fantastic job as the adorable, big-hearted Louisa Clark who was hired as a companion to Will Trainer (Sam Claflin) who had been paralyzed in a road accident. Louisa is the most lovable and oddly confident character I have seen in a romance like this. She wears clothes that are out of this world and her good nature was such an inspiration. While I don't think I could ever be as selfless as she was, I can definitely try a little harder. Here are a just few of my favorite of Louisa's outfits from the movie, they take an open mind to fully appreciate ;).

Here are my ratings, and a disclaimer that these are my personal opinions just for fun>
Casting 10/10
Storyline/Predictability 8.5/10 
Originality 9/10                                              
Costumes 11/10 haha, obviously my favorite part of this movie                              
Soundtrack 9/10                                                 
Overall Quality 9/10

    Alright so I won't spoil anything, but bring some kleenex to the theater because I definitely recommend that you go see it! If you like romantic stories, this one will play with your heart like play-doh. Thanks for stopping by!

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