Sunday, June 12, 2016

24 Hours in Monaco // Style Watch No. 3

    Ah a city full of beautiful things, I've promised myself that I'll go one day. The mile-long city is known for its luxurious lifestyle and active royal family. The Grimaldi's have run not only the principality since 1297, they've slowly taken over the fashion world. With A-Listers around every corner, it's easy to see how difficult it would be to stand out. These royals have done it impeccably, the elegance is just unbelievable. 

    No. 1 on my list is just the most beautiful and stylish woman that I think I've ever seen. Beatrice Borromeo is an Italian heiress who married Pierre Casiraghi, the son of Princess Caroline. Beatrice is the daughter of the Count of Arona in Italy and her worldliness really shows through her work and her fashion sense. 

her wedding day
out and about

    Charlotte Casiraghi is a powerful woman in Europe, as the second child of Caroline, Princess of Monaco, she has contributed so much to the world of fashion and equestrian worlds. She is the face of Gucci and has a beautiful baby boy named Raphael.

front row at a Chanel show in 2007

Ad campaign for Gucci
    The girl who is going to sweep the nation, I am sure of it. Her name is Pauline Ducruet and she was a Junior Olympic diver. Now at the age of 22, she is becoming an influential stylist and is currently studying a FOURTH language. Wow, you go girl. She has also been working in junction with her mother (Princess Stephanie of Monaco) on the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo

    Well, there you have 'em, the style icons that I like to keep my eye on. I think a wealthy European principality is definitely at an advantage as far as branding and shows go, but we can always take inspiration right? From the younger generations to their parents, the House of Grimaldi does fashion in a very luxurious and sophisticated way. My favorite look out of all of these would for sure be Beatrice's wedding gown, its simplicity and elegance just puts me at peace. And of course, she looks beautiful too. Hope you liked it, and thanks for stopping by!

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